Harcombe House

Swimming Lessons Chudleigh

  • Length: 12m
  • Width: 6m
  • Depth: 1m – 1.5m
  • Pool temperature is approximately 30-32 degrees
  • Changing facilities and shower
  • Disabled changing and pool hoist for wheelchair users
  • Group and private lessons available for babies, children and adults
  • Lessons on Mondays 4pm – 7pm

Contact and Map

Harcombe house
TQ13 0DG
Telephone: 01392 908255 (Splash Swim)
Open map here

Additional information

Changing Rooms & Facility Use:

As this is a Fire Fighters Charity site, we politely ask that you respect the environment by keeping noise to a minimum, please keep children in your care under your control.

On entering the pool area, shoes must be removed immediately and placed on the shoe racks near the entrance.

Children aged 8 and over must use their own gender changing room by English Law.

Changing room space is limited so please try to keep the areas clear and change as quickly as possible.

Watching is permitted on poolside, but we do request that noise is kept to a minimum to allow a positive learning environment for the swimmers.

All watchers are requested to keep away from the sides of the pool and to keep the fire exits clear for safety.

Everyone is requested not to use any device with a camera in the swimming pool or changing areas, this is to comply with recommended child protection guidelines.

No food or drink (only water in plastic bottles) is to be consumed in the pool area or changing rooms for hygiene & safety reasons.

Nappies must be taken home and a double nappy system is required to be used in the pool to prevent leakage.

All swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool

All swimmers are required to wear a Splash swimming hat, replacement silicone or material hats are available to order from the Splash Office.

Disabled Facilities:

There is one disabled toilet in the pool area and we politely ask that this is not used as a changing room unless the swimmer is disabled.

This facility has a pool hoist please let us know in advance if you will need to use it to enter the pool.