Discover Snorkelling

Why not complete a snorkell course before you go away on holiday?

Splash offers group courses and private lessons for children. We also offer instruction for adults & families on a private lesson basis. Courses are run by Splash Swimming Teacher Sian who is an experienced PADI Instructor too.

Snorkelling is a great way to view the colourful and fascinating world just beneath the ocean’s surface. This way you can observe coral and marine life without having to come up for air every minute.

PADI Discover Skin Divingcourse is a fun and relaxing programme, aimed at people who can swim 15m or more unaided and are confident to go under water. It is an ideal way to build up confidence in the water and is an enjoyable & fun way to get the whole family involved.

  • Learn how to use and adjust snorkelling equipment safely.

  • Learn key snorkelling surface and under water skills.

  • Learn about problem management and safe practices to help you become a responsible snorkeller.

  • Learn about the environment and how to properly interact with the aquatic life

Our snorkelling lessons provide opportunities to play a number of games that will improve your skills and understanding in a controlled swimming pool envrionment.

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